Decentralized Freelancer Community on the Blockchain

UberPro decentralizes the freelance industry by deploying blockchain technology to connect professional freelancers and independent consultants with employers and businesses in a new, revolutionary way to eliminate the middle man.

Decentralizing a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry
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What is UberPro?

UberPro is the first truly decentralized freelancing platform connecting independent professionals to businesses. We provide a global online marketplace where anyone can interview, hire, work and collaborate remotely with freelancers. UberPro is dedicated to supporting the freelancer community through low fees and more, made possible by blockchain technology and peer-to-peer transactions based on the Ethereum platform and smart contracts.


There were approximately 77 million freelancers around the world in 2014, with the freelance economy surpassing $1.5 Trillion USD. If only 0.1% of the freelance economy was transacted on UberPro, the amount of capital in circulation on our decentralized platform would exceed $1,500,000,000.

Why UberPro is needed in the Freelance Industry

A Truly Decentralized Market

By combining existing, new technologies of blockchain technology, distributed file storage and big data query capable distributed databases, UberPro provides a truly decentralized platform and cryptocurrency token based on Ethereum’s smart contract ecosystem.


Freelancers find and work with top clients on the UberPro platform through multiple partner channels. Competition among partners safeguards against high fees, and transactions conducted through blockchain technology provide freelancers with the lowest possible fees.


Clients discover and connect with the best freelancers for their project and business by filtering search results by freelancer’s skills, ratings, feedback and more.


Partners provide applications that connect freelancers and clients, as they earn revenues. We provide all partners with API access to the UberPro ecosystem by merging blockchain technology with distributed file storage, and distributed databases with query capabilities.

The Committee

A Committee of Representatives from the Freelancer userbase, Client userbase, and Partner userbase empowers all voices to be heard and represented in the UberPro eosystem. With the UberPro consensus model: Decentralized control via an alliance of voting nodes makes for a super P2P network.

How It Works




If you support the mission and goals of UberPro, you are welcome to take part in the bounty. Register on our website to participate in the bounty campaign. After registering, you can start spreading the word to earn UBER tokens.


The VIP program will run before the main Pre-Sale event.

As a VIP, you can reserve UBER tokens before the public token Pre-Sale, and at a greater Bonus rate of 50%.

Be first to secure your spot as a VIP Early Contributor.

Get in now before it sells out quick

VIP Starts Soon

VIP early contributors get UBER Tokens for a better exchange rate during the Pre-Sale.


15 March
12:00 AM

Pre-Sale Overview

Token Symbol: UBER

The Pre-Sale allows you to contribute in an early stage, before the start date of the formal UberPro Token Sale.
Contributors can send ETH to the token Pre-Sale to receive UBER tokens.

Pre-Sale Terms

  • Pre-sale Minimum Buy-in is 1 ETH.
  • 1 ETH = 1000 UBER
  • Total tokens forever: 135,000,000 UBER (100%)
  • Presale + CrowdSale allocation: 114,750,000 UBER (85%).
  • During the Presale we will allocate only 6,750,000 UBER (5%) (including Bonus)

UBER tokens are sent automatically by the smart contract once the purchase transaction is verified. Contributed funds are stored in a multisignature wallet.

In case any UBER token leftovers will remain after the pre-sale, they will be automatically added to the first Tier pool of the formal Crowdsale event.

Pre-Sale Bonus: 40%

All of our contributors will get 40% more UBER tokens on top of their purchase. Contributors receive their tokens immediately.

Bonus Calculation Example

If you contribute 10 ETH, you will receive 10,000 UBER + 40% Bonus. So you will end up owning 14,000 UBER .

Token Distribution

Pre-Sale & Token Sale 85%
Team 10%
Marketing & Media Bounty 5%


*Team tokens will be vaulted for a two year vesting period whereby 25% of tokens will be unlocked each subsequent six months. This is our team’s dedication to the UberPro community.

Token Sale Spendings

Development 50%
Operations 15%
Marketing 20%
Legal 10%
Reserves 5%

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UBER Tokens

Token Symbol: UBER

Tokens used on the UberPro platform are called UBER. The UBER is a utility token, used to settle transactions on the UberPro platform.

As the official token of the UberPro platform, people can buy and receive payment for freelance services throughout the world. The UBER is an Ethereum-based token that implements the ERC20 token standard.

Be the first to purchase UBER tokens at the lowest price –
with bonus offerings at Pre-Sale stage

50% VIP Bonus: March 15 – March 21, 2018

40% Pre-Sale Bonus: March 22 – April 12, 2018

20% Token Sale Bonus (week 1)

10% Token Sale Bonus (week 2)

5% Token Sale Bonus (week 3)

0% Token Sale Bonus (week 4)

UberPro Solves Problem
in the Freelance Industry

In the freelancing industry sector, there are leading companies whose databases have accumulated large amounts of data on both freelancers and clients. Their databases are closed, and the database owners can change terms, fees and commissions on a whim.

Current centralized sites take extremely high fees from freelancers’ revenues, as high as 20%.


about half of the working U.S. population will freelance within 3-5 years


50 percent of workers in the United Kingdom will freelance within the next 5 years


India's freelance fill up 40 percent of the world's freelance jobs (15 million workers).


more than 33 percent of Millennials work as freelancers

On the UberPro platform, partners set the seller fees—NOT UberPro. UberPro takes 0% from freelancers. And competition among partners safeguards against high fees, which protects the freelancers and the clients.


UberPro is a truly decentralized global marketplace for freelancers, powered with blockchain technology, P2P file storage and distributed databases.

No Middleman

Our platform provides a decentralized network that’s shared with everybody in the world, where anyone can connect to it.

Low Fees

Blockchain technology allows for low transaction fees, and competition among partners safeguards against high fees.

Distributed File Storage

UberPro uses a permanent and decentralized method of storing and sharing files.

Distributed Databases

Distributed database with immutability, rich permissioning, and efficient big data query capabilities.

The UberPro Prototype


UberPro is the First Truly Decentralized Marketplace for Freelancers.

Registered VIPs will soon be invited to test drive the UberPro Prototype.

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Freelancer Profiles

Freelancers share qualifications and experience.

Highlight skills to attract interest from clients.

Post Projects

Clients create projects with detailed descriptions and required skills.

Project postings receive bids from qualified Freelancers.

Search Jobs

Freelancers search and browse projects on UberPro.

Freelancers can filter search by category, skills, time frame and client budget.

Bid on Projects

Freelancers bid on Projects.

Clients can review multiple Proposals.

All payment transactions are handled securely with UBER tokens on the UberPro platform.

Join Our Bounty Campaign

We are launching the bounty campaign for our crowdsale, and encourage you to participate in our bounty campaign. We are giving away 2% of all generated UBER, a value of 2,700 ETH to bounty campaign participants.

If you support the mission and goals of UberPro, you are welcome to take part in the bounty. Register on our website to participate in the bounty campaign. After registering, you can start spreading the word earning stakes.

You’ll earn bounty stakes by doing specified tasks, which are grouped in the following categories:

Bitcointalk Signatures









Q4 of 2016 — Q2 of 2017



Whitepaper & Website

Q3 of 2017


Research (cont’d)

Q4 of 2017

Prototype (cont’d)

Smart Contracts


Q1-Q2 of 2018

VIP (cont’d)


Token Sale Completion


Exchange Listings

Q3-Q4 of 2018

Pre-Alpha Stage

Release of Alpha version for Partner Applications

Beta Stage

2019 —

UberPro Development (cont’d)

Extend Partner Userbase

Extend Freelancer Userbase

Extend Client Userbase


Our global team has extensive experience in the IT market with leading expertise and knowledge in blockchain technology, and the freelance industry.

Anandan Pandurangan    

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Token Sale expert with over 10 years of software development in various technologies. Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Geth, Parity, TestRPC, Web3js, Metamask, etc.

PROTEGE, TopBraid Composer, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, SWRL, JESS, JENA, SESAME, OWLAPI,PELLET, FACT++, OWLIM, FESUKI, JOSUKI, STARDOG, Virtuoso, D2RQ AND EMPIRE(RDF JPA) and developing POCs and enterprise solutions.

Leo Anbarasan    

Blockchain Application Developer with extensive knowledge and 10+ years of experience with web technologies. Special emphasis on cryptocoin wallets, ERC20 tokens, smart contracts, etc.

Mobile Apps, Hibernate, JavaScript, Spring, Struts, jQuery, Java, XML, C++, Agile Methodologies, Objective-C, SPARQL, PhoneGap, Backbone, Bootstrap, iBatis, Jasper Reports, JADE, and Artificial Intelligence.

Satyam Agrawal    

Software Developer and Expert in MEAN stack development and Blockchain related technologies (Ethereum, Hyperledger etc). Specialized in systems and application solutions for scalability and durability and requirements analysis through design, coding, testing, debugging, implementation and integration.


Software Engineer and Developer for applications based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS & Solidity. Expertise in Token Sales, writing smart contracts for various use cases, wallet development and altcoin development.

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